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After 7 years of wonderful service Bungle has deservedly retired to his owner’s farm. He has been the most able and beautifully mannered pony who, prior to becoming an RDA pony, had a most illustrious career as a show pony. Whilst with us he was a star at RDA competitions.

In lessons he never put a foot wrong, was very obedient enabling children to gain self- confidence and therefore improve their riding ability quickly. Not surprisingly he was a great favourite so had to have his riding limited, especially in his latter years.

He loved competitions, knew exactly how to behave and won many rosettes making his riders and their parents very proud. Bungle qualified for the National Championships twice and competed at the Regional Show on many occasions.

In 2017 at the National Championships at Hartpury, Bungle and his rider came first in their class and were overall champions in that category over the three days of competition with the amazing score of 93%. This was after a tyre blew out on the pony trailer driving to Hartpury from Newbury on Birdlip Hill. After the tyre was repaired with the ponies still on board, they arrived late. Sue Mack judging said if you can get here before the class finishes, they can compete. Poor Bungle had his tack thrown on in haste and rushed down to the ring with no warm up and won! A reflection on his wonderful temperament!

In 2018 Bungle qualified for Hartpury and was placed 3rd in his Countryside Challenge class with a score of 85%.

letter from a grandparent from one of his riders:

"First let me thank you for the sterling work that you do with the children. We were able to see our grandson from Winchcombe school on Friday. He loves riding and it has given him great confidence when he struggles in his everyday life. When he first started riding he took a particular liking to Bungle so I started to write short bedtime stories about the pony including him and his sister in the tale. These included Bungle Goes to the Dentist and Bungle Goes to Town "

Bungle was very much a summer pony and hated the rain! He always had a shelter in his paddock. He has had a busy life, giving much enjoyment to many children – we wish him well in his retirement. We are very grateful to the Goodenough family for lending us such a special pony.

The Berkshire County Training Day

13 June 2019

The Berkshire County Training Day was held at Wyld Court on Thursday 13th June. It was well attended and seemed to be enjoyed by the attendees despite it being a very cold and wet day.

We began with a session on writing lesson risk assessments and managing safety, identifying hazards laid out in the school, spotting the deliberate mistake in Gen's tack. Volunteer Lindsay arrived late with phone ringing in open sandals, lots of sparkling dangling jewellery, scarf and coat flapping. A spot of light entertainment which gave everyone a laugh.

Frances Lochrane spoke on charity law and the upkeep of horses in Goups, once they have finished their useful RDA life.

Our Regional Vet was scheduled to speak on the 'Care of the Elderly Horse' but was unable to come at the last minute owing to work commitments. Tony Bradley, a former Trustee of Newbury RDA, very kindly stepped in at the last minute to give us a very interesting and professional talk on grassland management. It was a very new subject to training days and the audience was fascinated; Tony has had a very interesting career in Estate Management.

Jane Allen finished off, demonstrating on Gen, on how to school and bring on RDA horses. Bandit and Ziggy came into the school to prepare them for crowds when they go to the National Championships next month.

Wellington RDA Regional Horse Show

19 May 2019

Jenny Whiteman reports that eight riders and three horse/ponies - Genesis, Bandit and Ziggy went to the RDA Regional Show at Wellington on Sunday 9 May and all came home proudly wearing rosettes. Seven riders entered the Countryside Challenge Competition and four riders the Dressage

The ponies had all been bathed and plaited and looked very smart thanks to Danielle's care. It was the first time that all three ponies had been to the Regional Show; they did very well but were a little nervous. Ziggy found the life size black and white pig from a butcher's shop on the countryside challenge course very scary! However, all three got through to the Nationals, which was very impressive since it was their first time.

Three riders qualified in the Countryside Challenge Competition for the Championships at Hartpury which is the biggest equine event for disabled riders in the world. To qualify for Hartpury, the riders have to come first or second in their class and get over 70%. Isabelle on Ziggy was second in her class, Ben on Genesis came second in his class and Eli on Bandit was third in her class and, because it was such a large class, the first three qualified so she is also going to the Championships. Chloe, Reighan, Rocco and Gabriel all did well and won rosettes but did not qualify this year.

Jodee riding Genesis did very well in the dressage test and came first in her class with 71% but, because there is not a class for led blind riders, she did not qualify for Hartpury which is a shame. Isabelle came 3rd, Chloe 5th and Ben 6th in their dressage classes so all won smart rosettes.

All the riders had a great day out!

big thank you to the volunteers who came to the Show to help, it was very kind of them to give up their Sunday. They said they very much enjoyed it and we certainly could not have done without them!

Vodafone Work Party – 16 May 2019

On Thursday 16 May a Volunteer Work Party from Vodafone, Newbury, gave up their time for a day to carry out much needed jobs for us.

The Volunteers worked really hard tidying up the Countryside Challenge, painting wood round the hazards so that we can now see where we are going (!), fixing fencing and cutting back some of the longer grass....with hand held hedge cutters, which must have been hard work and back breaking!

lot of weeding was done outside the stable block and all the doors were washed down so they now look wonderfully clean and bright again.

The cobwebs that could be reached in the indoor school were removed - this is a job that has not been done for a considerable time!

We are always so grateful to all Volunteer Work Parties. They do all the jobs that we are unable to do ourselves due to time constraints, so a big thank you to Helen May and her team – please come again!


On Sunday 24th March, Newbury RDA opened its doors to the public at Wyld Court Stables. Over 200 people came to look around the stables, meet the ponies and chat to the volunteers. It was a huge success, and everybody seemed to have a good time.

During the afternoon, there were riding displays by three of our riders, Jodee, Isabelle and Olivia. We were so fortunate with the weather. In spite of a cool breeze, it was warm enough for one of the riding displays to take place outside in one of the paddocks, in the sunshine.

It was especially enjoyable to see so many of the children who ride at the stables come with their families for the afternoon and to take part in the children’s activities, which included a treasure hunt and quiz.

Homemade cakes and tea were served throughout the afternoon.

A total of £483 was raised to go towards Newbury RDA funds.

The Trustees of Newbury RDA would like to thank Sally Sanderson and Jo Stevenson-Hamilton for masterminding the open afternoon; to Jane Allen and Cassilda Courtier-Dutton for putting on the indoor and outdoor riding displays respectively and to all those volunteers who helped to ensure that everyone had a happy and enjoyable afternoon.

Special thanks go to our Stable Manager, Danielle, who turned out all of the ponies beautifully, especially the three ponies used for the riding displays who were all neatly platted. The stable yard was spotless!


Batteries used for electric fencing ‘stolen’

Ponies found loose on the very dangerous B4009. Fortunately, they were spotted and returned to safety.

During the February 2019 half term, two batteries powering essential electric fencing of our paddocks were removed by unauthorised persons. It is not the first time that this has occurred. Batteries cost us £30 each to replace which is needless expense for our small and hardworking charity.

Electric fencing provides extra fencing backup to our fenced fields ensuring the safety and control of the ponies’ grazing so that they do not get too fat leading to laminitis which is a form of lameness, difficult to control, generally started by too much rich grass.

Our ponies in the February snow taking advantage of some delicious haylage and enjoying a sunny day.

29 January 2019 - Sarah Heynen, Chair Elect of Riding for the Disabled Association, visits Newbury RDA

On a very cold Tuesday in January we were pleased to welcome Sarah Heynen, the Chair Elect of Riding for the Disabled Association (to which we are affiliated) when she visited Newbury RDA. She attended 2 classes – here she is being shown how to mount by rider Isabelle and her Coach, Cassilda.

Sarah joins Riding for the Disabled Association from the commercial world where she sat on the UK Executive Board, as Vice President Marketing, for brands such as McVitie’s, Jacob’s and Godiva. She brings with her significant expertise in building brands, developing relevant growth strategies and in nurturing strong, long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders.

Sarah is an active supporter of fundraising events within her village and is set to become a weekly volunteer at the Cotswold RDA from January. With 2 horses of her own and a teenage daughter, she appreciates first-hand the therapeutic benefit horses can bring.

Sarah is very much looking forward to joining the team at Riding for the Disabled Association’s Head Office in Warwickshire at the end of March 2019

Monday 28 January 2019 - South Region training for the new Coach Passports introduced in 2018

On 28 January, 30 new coaches from all over the South Region: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, came for training at Newbury RDA.

Riding for the Disabled Association introduced a new training pathway in the Autumn. The training day was set up to assess and understand the new passport which requires all new coaches to carry out more training before becoming Group Coaches. A total of 8 modules have to be completed including practical and theory elements before being assessed.

Joint South Region Coaches, Felicity Smettem and Theresa Drake assisted by Suzanne Stratford and Jenny Whiteman (County Coaches), came to teach a Horse Care and Knowledge module followed by a Medical Therapy module taught by Nona Dane, the Regional Physiotherapist.

We learned about horse feeding and how to manage pasture; travelling with horses (the rules and regulations) and, using Newbury RDA ponies, we had to work out and assess which horse a rider should ride, taking in to account height, gait and build, to give them the best ride as well as how to judge the condition of the pony. We were taught about tacking up and special equipment that can be used in an RDA session.

Nona’s physiotherapy module was centred around why a rider should and shouldn’t ride, including working through riders’ medical conditions, that we normally see, using special assessment forms.

We went home full of new information and very cold!


Lucy Hanbury (right), Chairman of Newbury Riding for the Disabled, and (left) Harriet Capaldi, Managing Director of The Genesis Foundation, meeting our new piebald pony “Genesis”.      

The Genesis Foundation, which is based in London, attended the Riding for the Disabled Association (to which we are affiliated) Gala Awards 2018 and agreed to purchase a pony for Riding for the Disabled.    Harriet had lived very near Newbury Riding for the Disabled so chose us to benefit from their very generous donation.   As a result, ‘Gen’ was recently purchased and is proving to be very popular with the children who ride at Hampstead Norreys.

The Trustees of Newbury Riding for the Disabled wish to thank all those at The Genesis Foundation, who made the purchase of such a super pony possible.

First AidCourse - 29 November 2018

At the end of November 2018, Ian from Medi-K Training ran a full day’s FAA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF), with Equestrian-Specific Supplement, course at Clare’s house in Compton.

7 people attended the course which was for new First Aiders or those who needed a refresher course. At first, there was some concern that those attending had to bring riding hats and back protectors, but they were able to practice on dummies wearing these, giving a more realistic approach.  Ian makes the course interesting and practical; and thus, thoroughly enjoyable.

It is essential that each of our 10 weekly RDA classes has at least one qualified First Aider in attendance. The qualification is valid for 3 years.

VODAFONE WORK PARTY – 1 November 2018

On Thursday 1 November, a large team of approximately 30 people from Vodafone, Newbury, came to help us with our endless list of jobs at Wyld Court.

The day started with a TORRENTIAL downpour of rain but, thankfully, it cleared quite quickly so that everyone could get on with the various jobs that were earmarked for each team of volunteers.

Our kitchen had a makeover with a fresh coat of paint which made a huge difference. Now the new units, fitted earlier in the term, look at home in their gleaming new surroundings.

All the props (toys, balls and all sorts of other items we use) were cleaned and sorted into their correct storage boxes.

The back garden, which was extremely overgrown, was cut back massively and now looks impressively neat and tide.

Stable doors and windows were cleaned and a small but knowledgeable team did some excellent fence repair work in the countryside challenge field and the field opposite the indoor school.

Last but not least, all the leaves were raked up again which seems like a fairly simple task but takes a lot of man hours to clear up what looks like not many leaves but fills barrow after barrow!

The rain managed to hold off after the morning deluge and many thanks go once again to all of the Vodafone volunteers for giving us their time and man power!

Rapid7 Work Party


We were lucky to have a fine sunny day for the volunteers from RAPID7 who returned to us for a second year running to execute various tasks for Newbury RDA on Thursday 18 October.

RAPID7 is an Internet Security Company based in Theale, who practice the SecOps by delivering shared visibility, analytics and automation that unites security, IT and DevOps teams.

The wonderful team of volunteers, including several from mainland Europe, came to Wyld Court to help with jobs that we never seem to have time to carry out – sweeping up the autumn fall of leaves which is a never-ending job, hedge cutting, strimming nettles, knocking in fence posts for the electric fencing, and so on.

The work the team carried out is hugely appreciated. It seemed to be a fun day out of the office for everyone and also an opportunity can carry out informal team building. Many thanks to you all.

We very much hope to see RAPID7 again next year.


Once again the sun shone on another successful Newbury RDA Gift Fair at Hillfields Farm, Lower Basildon.

The tremendous selection of 50 stallholders drew a good crowd throughout the day. The stalls ranged from fashion to jewellery, from pottery to kitchenware, from pies to fudge and lots more in between. A steady stream of shoppers maintained a happy buzz in both barns.

As ever the RDA cake stall was a popular stop before heading into the café area where homemade cakes and biscuits were a delicious precursor to the amazing lunch choices offered by Nicola Markham. Her homemade scotch eggs and sausage rolls along with her sublime salmon and salads always wow our diners. A small glass of wine never goes amiss either.

The overall monies raised from this year’s Fair matched those of last year at £13,500. This is almost a quarter of what is required to keep Newbury Riding for the Disabled’s stables, at Wyld Court, running so that disabled children can continue to receive therapy and enjoy themselves at this dedicated centre.

A huge thank you to Carolyn and Linda, their committee and all those who helped on the day, for all the hard work they put into the organisation of such a successful event again this year.

The date for next year’s Fair will be Thursday 26th September. If you already have your 2019 diaries please save the date now. You won’t want to miss it.

New Stable Manager

Welcome to our new Stable Manager, Danielle, who joined us in September. We hope Danielle, her family and horse, Queenie, will be very happy at Wyld Court.


After 20 years’ service with Newbury RDA Cathy Edwards retired at the end of August. Many past volunteers, trustees and friends of Cathy attended a leaving party in July, on a gloriously sunny evening, kindly held by Georgie and Robert Woods. Cathy was presented with a gift from all those who have been involved with Newbury RDA during her busy time with us.

RDA National Championships – Isabelle and Ben enjoy success again

Having successfully qualified for the National Championships at the Regional Qualifier at Wellington in May, two of our riders with a team of supporters set off for Hartpury in Gloucestershire early on the 15th July. The RDA National Championships is the biggest competition for disabled riders in the world and competitors come from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It was a long, hot day but very successful. Isabelle riding Bungle came third with 85% and Ben riding Ruby came fourth with 82.5% in their Countryside Challenge classes. They both rode beautifully, it takes a great deal of hard work and practice to reach these standards. Many congratulations to them both and to Bungle and Ruby who were very well behaved.

Newbury RDA visit to Castle School Fete on 9 June

After a break of many years, Castle School reinstated their Summer Fete which was held on Saturday 9 June. Volunteers from the Thursday class, Shirley Lyon, Penny Pattison and Jane Rowe, spent a very happy afternoon meeting current and past Castle School riders including a few who had completed their time at Castle School Post-16 (sixth form).

We ran a pin the tail on the PONY (rather a sleek looking racehorse) competition which was won by Jake from Pembroke Class. In addition, many came to groom our very sleepy “pony” lying down on our table, who was a great attraction and who enjoyed a thorough grooming over the afternoon.

We took the Newbury RDA display boards which had been updated to include photographs of our current ponies as well as some of those who have left us, showing what fun the children have when they come to ride at Wyld Court. These were of considerable interest to parents and children alike and gave us an opportunity to talk to them about our work.

There were several stalls including a wonderful raffle, plants, cosmetics, balloons being made into shapes, an assault course for the children and a wonderful school band accompanying the singing of several groups of pupils.

The Post-16 pupils who run Café 16, produced and served some deliciously mouth-watering food which we all sampled giving it a huge thumbs up in taste and quality. We are now looking forward to our end of term lunch there in July!

It was a delightful afternoon and we very much enjoyed being part of proceedings.

Berkshire County Training Day, 7th June.

Newbury RDA hosted the Berkshire County Training day at Wyld Court on 7 June. We were very fortunate to have two excellent trainers in Clive Milkins and Elspeth O'Donnell, attracting 60 attendees.

Clive, an RDA Fellow, now spends most of his time travelling internationally, training para riders. Sophie Christensen was his most famous pupil. He spends most of his time in America. We were very lucky that Clive was in England at the time and said he was very happy to come back to his ' RDA family'.

With the help of riders from the Thursday morning class, Clive demonstrated a very good exercise which could be used at any level and which kept the riders and helpers very focused! The riders were stretched but they had very clear instructions – one rider said that it was easy! It was lovely to see their very happy and proud faces reflecting their sense of achievement. Clive brought the best out of them. He kept the helpers on their toes too! The impeccably behaved and well turned out horses were a credit to Newbury RDA.

Elspeth is our Regional Physiotherapist and, although always busy, is very good at finding time to help us. She has recently given a back-riding course on Sunday morning to two of Newbury RDA’s little riders who were not able to sit on a horse on their own. Elspeth spoke about assessing the rider from the coach's point of view, very important but woefully neglected across the Region. Elspeth who is always very clear, explained how and why it was so important and suggested we spent the rider’s first lesson carrying out such an assessment before they get onto a horse. She listed conditions when it would be dangerous to the potential rider to ride and demonstrated the assessment procedure sitting on an armless chair, which coaches could easily carry out. We were given handouts.

In all, it was a very successful day and I would like to thank everyone who helped in so many ways. The feed-back was very positive.

Jenny Whiteman, Chair, Berkshire.


Penny “Shoe-Shine”

Penny, from the Thursday morning class, challenged herself to clean and polish all of the jodhpur boots sitting on our shelves at Wyld Court. Every week for the past 6 months she has taken home a few pairs of boots and rejuvenated them most magnificently – we believe she has probably polished about 50 pairs.

The boots are lent to our riders who keep them at home until they need to exchange them for a bigger size, so there is a good turnover of boots that need polishing! We would like to thank Penny for the enormous contribution she had made undertaking this seemingly never-ending task which must have used up a few tins of boot polish and a considerable amount of grease!

Thank you, Penny, you are a

MAGNIFICENT TRIUMPH for Ben at the Regional Show

Three riders competed to an extremely high standard at the Regional show held in the glorious sun at Wellington on Sunday 20 May.

Ben, Isabelle and Jodee competed in the same dressage class. Ben and Isabelle came first and second respectively and Jodee who has impaired sight, and who only recently started riding Ruby, had a very respectable score of 68.9%. Ben was personally congratulated on his test by the judge.

Ben and Isabelle (93.5%) competed and won each of their classes for the Countryside Challenge with Ben scoring 98.5% which is one of the highest scores ever recorded! He won a new trophy for the top mark at the show! Ben and Isabelle have both qualified for the Nationals (which run from 14 – 16 July) at Hartpury on Sunday 16 July.

Both Ruby and Bungle were stars, and Bungle looked in his teens after Cathy had prepared him so beautifully.

Congratulations to all of the riders; to Jane Allen for all the extra coaching and for bringing her pony, Ruby, to Wyld Court several times for the riders to practise on; Jenny Whiteman and all those who helped on the day: Carol, Cassilda, Hilary and Lindsay and chief photographer, Heather.

Sunday 13 May 2018 - Car Treasure Hunt and BBQ in aid of Newbury RDA

On Sunday 13 May, 26 intrepid teams set off from Newbury RDA on a car Treasure Hunt around the Berkshire Countryside. The course was devised by Sally and Mark Sanderson, Sally is the Class Organiser for the Tuesday afternoon class.

The teams had to complete over 40 clues over a distance of approximately 25 miles which took them through villages and across beautiful downland countryside to Brightwalton and back by a different route.

The teams returned to Wyld Court to enjoy a delicious barbecue in the spring sunshine which was attended by 80+ competitors and their friends.

The hardworking volunteers who organised the event were delighted by the total raised of over £1,200. A much needed boost to Newbury RDA funds.

Prizes were kindly donated by

Lord and Lady Lloyd-Webber
Casey Fields Farm Shop, Ashampstead (
West Berkshire Brewery, Yattendon (
Penwood Nurseries Ltd (
The Living Rainforest (
The Pot Kiln (
Caroline Herman of Reiki & Relaxation.

Newbury RDA would like to thank everyone who supported the Treasure Hunt and all the volunteers who helped to make it such a success.

First Aid Training

When working with horses at any level, whether on the ground or riding, accidents can occur. So, 12 coaches and volunteers presented themselves for First Aid top-up training on Tuesday 1 May, in Clare Spencer’s wonderful barn. Ian Patterson from Medi-K Training fairly put us through our paces, spending the morning going through initial response for a potentially injured rider, doing all the procedures leading up to and undertaking CPR. After a delicious lunch kindly provided by Clare, we covered various injuries which awoke some attendees’ best theatrical histrionics!

After an extremely intensive and informative day, and thanks to Ian’s comprehensive training, we all achieved our FAA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work with an equestrian specific supplement.

Clare will be running more courses in the future for Newbury RDA and those nominated by adjoining RDA’s so please contact her to book your place on the next course:

Downe House Work Party - Sunday 22 April

On Sunday, 22 April, a party of girls from AGS house, Downe House School, gave up their Sunday morning to come up to the stables at Wyld Court to help out.

The girls were put to work emptying and cleaning water troughs - a wet and messy job. Thankfully the weather was good and they turned the task into a fun occasion whilst doing a great job.

We are grateful to Downe House for their continuing support of our charity, both in fundraising and also practical help.


The Fair took place on 28 September at the wonderful setting of Hillfields Farm owned by Carol and Nigel Steljes who have so generously hosted the event for the past 10 years.

With stands ranging from fabulous clothing, shoes and jewellery to household goods, smoked meats, fish and cards, toys and trinkets to hand made flowers – trade was brisk; the tea and coffee ladies were busy all day; and delicious lunches were served from midday.

Spencer Wilton, our guest speaker, gave a fascinating insight into the building of his international dressage career to becoming a world top ten rider this autumn.

Year on year the Fair has increased in size and, as a result, so have the funds raised which amount to 20% of Newbury RDA’s annual income. This is an enormous benefit to us and the riders, from local special needs schools, to whom we give therapy every week.

The Trustees are hugely grateful to Linda Benson and Carolyn Whitehead, and their hardworking committee, for organising the Fair over the last 10 years. Their eye to detail and the time it takes to recruit new stallholders, taking all year, is second to none.

Linda has announced that she has decided to stand down from the Committee. We really do appreciate all that she has contributed to the running of the Fair over the years. Anyone interested in joining the team should contact Carolyn Whitehead:

The 2018 Fair will be held on 27 September 2018 - details will be available in due course

Downe House Volunteer Party

A party of Downe House girls came to Wyld Court on Sunday, 24th September. They had a tour of the stables, visited the Indoor School and the paddocks. They kindly brought a bag of useful gifts with them including a small grooming kit which will be ideal for classroom sessions.

After their tour and an introductory talk the girls set to work with a will, poo picking and sweeping up leaves and sticks. When they had finished the yard and fields looked very tidy.

Newbury RDA has a close relationship with Downe House School and the girls have been great supporters over the years, they hold fundraising events and some of the older pupils volunteer to assist with classes. We look forward to the girls coming along to help with jobs around the stables and enjoy giving them an introduction to the work that Riding for Disabled undertakes.

TRUCK MUSIC FESTIVAL 21 – 23 July 2017

Elizabeth Leaver and her brilliant team of friends have run the Great British Cuppa Café at the TRUCK music festival for the past two years in aid of Newbury Riding for the Disabled. This year was the 20th Festival and Elizabeth says: “a very special thank you to the Binning Family who allow this unique event to happen on Hill Farm, Steventon!”

As you will see from the photos, the weather was a bit of a challenge but the Café raised another significant donation for us again this year. Many, many thanks to all those who helped over the weekend, including Nicola, Clare, Rachel and Ann from RDA; and to all those volunteers who baked such delicious looking cakes.

Did Elizabeth really say that it was “over until next year”?!

Thank you Elizabeth for all your hard work.

Corporate Volunteer Day

On Friday 9 June, we were pleased to welcome a corporate group of volunteers from Nvidia.

Cassilda Courtier-Dutton and Martin Vile worked closely with Judi Lewis-Shallow from Nvidia for several months to set up the day.

The 56 volunteers came from all over the south, from as far afield as Bristol, London and Cambridge but mainly from Reading. They were split into 4 groups headed by RDA Volunteers John Burroughs, Lotte Stewart, Cassilda Courtier-Dutton and Martin Vile. The teams quickly got to work carrying out tasks including: repairs to the field shelters, painting of fencing, gates, stables and walls and ceiling of the WC; gardening, ragwort pulling and general clearing and tidying of the site; cleaning tack and students’ riding boots; reorganising the tack room. The volunteers were fed and watered throughout the 6-hour day by the hardworking Judi and everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch which was a welcome break.

Newbury RDA is extremely grateful to the volunteers who worked so hard, efficiently and cheerfully turning their hands to all sorts of tasks which will greatly improve our working environment particularly for the children and ponies.

The Group very much appreciates the generous grant donated by Nvidia to purchase all the materials and equipment required in order for the jobs to be undertaken.

Grateful thanks to all at Nvidia for their support to enable completion of works that we have been unable to tackle ourselves and to the RDA team for co-ordinating a hugely successful day.

Balmoral Class has a fabulous day out at Windsor Horse Show

The children from Balmoral Class and all the volunteers from the Thursday morning RDA class dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland for the Windsor Lions RDA Fancy Dress Class at Windsor Horse Show on 11 May. Ethan on Murphy and Emily on Bungle were cheered on by their friends who were delighted with their fifth place. The Mad Hatter’s hat and Queen of Hearts’ crown were made by our very talented coach, Ursula. Everyone else pitched in to make up all the other outfits.

We had a huge picnic afterwards, which Cathy and Jan joined after settling the ponies, during which the children spent most of the time glued to the activities in the ring which ranged from Disabled Driving to racehorses retrained at Polo Ponies.

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